The idea and artistic conception:

International public organization

AssociAtion new Music

Ukrainian section of the international society for contemporary Music/ISCM

financial support:

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine(Kiev, Ukraine)

Odessa Regional State Administration (Odessa, Ukraine)

Odessa Regional Council(Odessa, Ukraine)

Odessa City Council (Odessa, Ukraine)

Department of Culture and Tourism, Nationalities and Religions of the Odessa Regional State Administration (Odessa, Ukraine)

Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council (Odessa, Ukraine)

The Embassy of Israel in Ukraine (Israel)

Goethe-Institut Kiew – Deutsches Kulturinstitut (Germany)

German Cultural Centre Bavarian House, Odessa (Odessa, Ukraine)

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Odessa (Poland)

Andrii Azarov Charitable Foundation (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ciacan Charity Foundation (Odessa, Ukraine)

Shabo Wine Production and Trading Company (Odessa Region, Ukraine)

AE Vekka LLC (Odessa Region, Ukraine)

SLС InterChem (Odessa, Ukraine)

SLC Kryvoozers’kaFFF (Mykolaiiv Region, Ukraine)

National Ukrainian Composers Union (Kiev, Ukraine)

Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Music Academy (Odessa, Ukraine)

Odessa Branch of the National Ukrainian Composers’ Union (Odessa, Ukraine)

The Embassy of Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)

general informational sponsor:

Media-holding 100 % (Odessa, Ukraine)

informational support:

Muzyka Magazine (Kiev, Ukraine)

Kultura i zhyttia (Culture and Life)

Newspaper (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Day Newspaper (Kiev, Ukraine)

100 % Business Publication (Odessa, Ukraine)

Modnyj Mandarin Magazine (Odessa, Ukraine)

Favoryt udachi (Favourite of the Luck)

Magazine (Odessa, Ukraine)

Vechernyaya Odessa (Evening Odessa) Newspaper (Odessa, Ukraine)

ONT, RENOME, 100% TV Channels (Odessa, Ukraine)

National Radio Company of Ukraine – Art Programs’ Production Department (Kiev, Ukraine)

Odessa Regional Radio – Creative Group Iryna and Radio na Trojits’kij (Odessa, Ukraine)

Situatsija UTE (UTE Situation) TV Programme (Odessa, Ukraine)

organizing committee:

Olena Olijnyk – Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Nationalities and Religions of the Odessa Regional State Administration

Tetyana Markova – Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council

Oleksandr Sokol – Rector of the A. V. Nezhdanova ONMA, Ph.D in Musicology, Professor, Academician, Honoured Arts Worker of Ukraine

Lesya Olijnyk – Vice Rector of P.I.Tchakovsky NMAU,Secretary of the Ukrainian Composers’ Union, General Secretary of the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Music Council, Honoured Arts Worker of Ukraine


Hasmik Khachatryan

Vasyl Lutchak

Oleksandr O.Perepelytsia

recording and sound team:

Studio Arcadia (Kiev)

editor and translator:

Iouri Semenov


Oleksandr O. Perepelytsia

idea by

Dmytro Oreshnikov and Oleksandr Shevelyov


Association New Music


Stepan Alekyan

Vitaliy Pin'ko

Viktor Sivak

Oleg Vladymyrsky

address of the festival venue:

Odessa Regional Philharmonic 15, Bunin Str.

Tel. (+380 48) 725 15 36

address of the festival direction:

Association New Music Tel. 785 84 73

e-mail: karmella@ukr.net

website: www.anm.odessa.ua


Since Spring connotes a blossoming of nature and birth of the new, and since it is also a time of flash and joy in the human soul, the month of April has been selected for “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music.”

With each passing year, it is more and more evident that Ukrai- nian society wants to determine and establish itself as Europe- an, and it is in the sphere of culture and art where the coming innovations must express this aspiration in the most striking way. In this sense, the “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” Festival, which was initiated in the first years of the renewed Ukrainian independence, has become a forerunner of Ukraine’s joining to the European and worldwide cultural space, as well as a truly efficient tool for its cultural integration.

Our Festival is aimed at developing the newest art trends and encouraging the most unexpected creative experiments, inspir- ing human hearts to rejoice in an atmosphere of great mystery accompanying the birth of beauty.

Once again, this year we thank luck for getting a new oppor- tunity to welcome our friends who again participate in the Fes- tival. As well, we are glad to make the acquaintance of new participants and guests who will surely become friends of the 2D2N community.

The Festival is growing more and more renowned all over the world. We are satisfied at having achieved our main objective: “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” has toagreat ex- tent allowed contemporary Ukrainian music culture and Ukrai- nian composers’ works to rank highintheworld.Owingtothe Festival, the Association New Music wasfounded–now this international organization is the Ukrainian National Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music / ISCM. Taken together, these facts constitute a pledge of the further existence of “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music.”

This year’s Festival takes place in an extraordinary situation. Ukraine is going through the largest crisis during its indepen- dence. In fact, it is not only a crisis, but a cruel war against our country. On the other hand, this war means a crisis of the entire world order, but above all it has affected us, Ukrainians. Therefore, we are especially grateful to all who, despite all the threats and challenges, are participating in the Festival. Today, it is a great support for Ukraine and Ukrainian culture. Thankyou all!

With a feeling of great gratitude to all our sponsors, and with the confidence that this 22th Festival “Two Days andTwo Nights of New Music” will become a real feast of music, we welcome all participants and guests and wish you creative in- spiration and joy while immersing yourselves in the element of music!